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Playing the Market - June 9th - An Artist Exhibit

Playing the Market is an artistic examination of economic themes relevant to
contemporary flux and pressure in the market.
Repercussions of financial duress - economically, psychologically and
environmentally are examined in the art work of Sarah Beck (Canada), Shlomi
Greenspan (Israel) and Steve Shaddick (Canada).

Repetition is inherent within the monetary system and its extended
A constant cycle of destruction and recovery allows Capital markets to
reinvent themselves by creating financial bubbles of false promise and
delusions of better futures.

When one bubble is shattered another is created.

As we embrace new forms of protection, it has become blatantly apparent that
repair cannot outpace developments that induce these stresses.
Current conditions and repeating cycles demand our attention and occupy our
daily lives.
Playing the Market makes absurd and humorous connections pointing to the
darker side of contemporary Capital culture.

We invite you to join us at Northend Studios for both the opening and
closing receptions.
The artists will be in attendance.