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Wild At Heart

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Wild At Heart

10 Reasons to go to Sounds Of Music Festival in Burlington, ON

I am waiting to hear back from a member of the festival but I was a bit late in getting my questions and being so close to the start (actually it started today), he is probably running around making sure everything is running smoothly. So here are the 10 things that I am looking forward to hitting the festival this weekend.

1) Let's start with the best thing about the festival. Lots of great bands!! That is over 60 bands for the serious indie music lover between Friday and Sunday (not counting todays line-up which featured the Bedouin Soundclash) Over the next few days, you can see such acts as the Nylons, the Sadies, Tokyo Police Club and Devo). Yes, you heard me, DEVO. Are we not men? That makes Burlington or Columbus, OH the closest you can drive to see them this year and we all know Canada is so much cooler than Ohio. Sorry Ohio!!

2) OK I mentioned a number of bands but I have to mention one more very special band who is one of my favorite from the 80's that is only doing three shows this year andthis is the closest That band is Men Without Hats. I loved the "The Safety Dance" growing up and loved songs like "Antarctica", "I Like", "Moonbean" and "Pop Goes The World" which just had a fun vibe. I remember watching 'Bandstand' and seeing their drummer playing drums in a snowman costume which endear me to any band. I remember having to travel to Dr Disc in Windsor to buy their album "In The 21st Century" because no American stores were carrying it. Last year they only did one date on the West Coast of Canada so this is the must see for me being the 80's junkie I am.

3) It looks like the festival is trying to incorporate the downtown Burlington area into the character of the Festival with its Family Fun Zone, Music Theatre Workshops, Streetfest and Craft Marketplace. That means a lot of things to do if you have a family. Unlike other festivals where its only about the music. Here you have things to do with younger kids or something for you to do if you are just an awesome dad that wants to chill out while your teenage kids hit the band stages.

4) The Festival, like Rothbury, is trying it's best to be "green", like promoting recycling and having water refill stations (very popular at Rothbury when I went). It’s nice to know you can bring a bottle and refill it with water instead of shelling out big bucks everytime you want a quick drink. I’m sure you can drink bottled water but its nice having the option.

5) The fact Burlington is not Downtown Toronto and they have plenty of parking with shuttles. While there is not a ton of downtown parking, it will be easier to navigate than downtown Toronto during a major festival. You can take the train, bus or shuttle from the Burlington Fairview GO Station to the Downtown John Street Transit Terminal (only $3).

6) It is located on the water which is great on hot days because you will get that nice breeze in case the temperature gets too warm. That along with free water stations and access to local businesses that should have air conditioning creates a nice environment. Plus sitting by the water is always very relaxing and cool, esp with good music in the background. Think Port Huron for the boat races or Hart Plaza with a vibrant downtown area next to it.

7) A great website with all the information you need including helpful reminders for festival goers. Most festivals have decent websites and this is one of the better ones to navigate and find out what is going on. It is so check it out prior to arriving.

8) If you are looking for something to do nearby, feel free to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens which has the world’s largest collection of lilacs as well over 2,700 acres of gardens and nature sanctuaries, including four outdoor display gardens, the Mediterranean Garden under glass, three on-site restaurants and the Gardens' Gift Shop. You also got the Burlington Art Centre and the Joseph Brant Museum.

9) Road Trip!!! It’s good to get away from Detroit for a weekend. Last year I traveled to Festivals in Chicago, Sarnia and Lansing to name a few and it is always nice to get away and enjoy a nice scenic drive in the process.

10) Did I mention the festival is FREE!!! How many times can you see bands like Devo and Men Without Hats for free.

I hope to see a bunch of Detroiters at the festival. I will be wearing my motorcityblog t-shirt at the festival so feel free to stop by and say hi. I will also have some pictures of the festival next week sometime. I might not get the downloaded by Monday but they should be up by Wednesday at the latest. Rock on Detroit and see you at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival this weekend.