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Wild At Heart - Men Without Hats @ Sounds of Music

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
Wild At Heart

This is the band that inspired me to cover the Sound In Music Festival in Burlington. Sure I like Devo but I saw them a couple of years ago in their hometown of Cleveland. I was a big fan of the band upon hearing the song "the Safety Dance" and released in 1982, "Rhythm Of Youth" was one of the first albums I bought and enjoyed songs like "Antaritica", "I Like", "I Got The Message" and "Living In China" (all of which they performed during their hour long set. They started with the Stone's "Jumpin Jack Flash" and dusted off "Pop Goes The World", "Where Do The Boys Go?" and "Moonbeam" before ending with a cover of ABBA's "SOS". They also played a new song "This War" from their upcoming 'Folk of the 80's IV'. The band is basically Ivan Doroschuk with a revolving group of musicians that has including 2 of his brothers. This is there first tour in around 20 years and Ivan bounced around the stage almost as gracefully as back in the 80's. The audience was a mixture of hardcore fans but mostly people who thought it might be a Men Without Hats cover band. The biggest response of the night was for "Safety Dance" but the large crowd seemed into the whole show and it looks like Hats might be around for awhile. Enjoy the shots of their performance.

Men Without Hats


I Like

smooth keyboards

Hats and mohawk

A - F - E - T - Y

both keyboardists  Hats

Men Without Hats fun happens

Pop Goes The World

S - Safety Dance

Hats strolling

Living In China

Hats taking a bow

Hope you enjoy these pictures and look for upcoming interviews and photos of bands like Devo, Creepshow and the Salads.