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Milo's Big Gig - Child Bite, Bad Indians and Pupils: June 18, New Center Park

It's not very often the night you get handed the opportunity to book the show of your dreams just also happens to coincide with your brother's birthday. Local music writer, DJ and all around nice guy, Jeff Milo of the revered Deep Cutz Blog, got that opportunity and you can join him for free this Saturday, June 18, at New Center Park when Child Bite, Bad Indians and Pupils storm the stage for heady rocking and good times.

So tell me about New Center Park Stage and how you got hooked in with them?
J.M. - New Center Park Stage has been used as one of the 4 stages for Cityfest. It has this great sound stage and pavillion, you can get food in the atrium. It's an all around cultural center. Jeff Howitt of Loco Gnosis was given charge of booking Saturday shows so he decided to give them over to some local blogs and music promoters. I am one of the lucky and honored recipients.

Tell me about each of the bands you have playing, I've only heard of Child Bite.

J.M. - I looked at this show like booking my dream line-up. I've been following Child Bite for nearly six years. They are like a freaky blend of post grunge with a bit of grimy metal thrown into a blender with some poppy hooks and they make it all so oddly alluring.

One of my new favorite bands is Bad Indians from Ypsilanti, psych-torched, garage tumbled, surf rock. They like reverb, pedals and aren't afraid of getting dark and spooky.
I just caught Pupils recently, and they are like a super group that I had to get in for this show. They play desert drenched psychedelic rock and the vocals of Steve from Marco Polio are interesting because he's singing full lyrics.

Any last words before the show goes on?
J.M. - It just happens to be my brothers birthday on the same night, and he loves Child Bite and Bad Indians, so in some selfish way, I'm showing my brother a good time that others can join in on. It's a big stage, that people can enjoy whether they are laying down on the grass or dancing around. Overall, it's going to be beautiful, noisy and psychedelic night.

You can find out more the show at the Deep Cutz Music Blog and New Center Park.

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