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Wild At Heart - Rochester Jazzfest pics

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
Wild At Heart

It is less than 12 hours before I hit the road for the Burlington Sound Of Music Festival. I am really looking forward to checking out this festival and hanging out in Burlington for the day. Remember to look for me in my motorcityblog t-shirt wandering around getting some cool pictures and hopefully some interviews with the bands. I have been singing Men Without Hats songs all week and it doesn't bother me that no one but me seems to know anything but "Safety Dance". In the meantime here are some pictures from the Rochester Jazz Fest final days.

From Buffalo, Ny, here is a band that plays a lively version of Gypsy Jazz as inspired by Django Reinhart called Babik (which is Django real life son's name).


Babik fiddle

From NYC, a spirited band specializing in a similar style of music called The Slavic Soul Party.

Slavic Soul Party

Slavic drummers

Slavic horns

Last but not least, from New Orleans, a wonderful artist named Trombone Shorty who put on the best show of the festival in my opinion. They will be in the Detroit area for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival on the 21st. If you didn't plan on going before, make sure you get off your lazy asses and see this band in person. They rocked the stage for 2 hours and left the audience screaming for more.

Trombone Shorty

Trombone Shorty conducts the band

Shorty's jazz hands

Shorty on Trumpet

Have a good Father's Day and I'll let you know Monday how the festival went but I would like to see some of you out there.