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Detroit Cobras - Majestic Cafe - Thanksgiving Thursday 11/26

There is something to be said for a band that plays a show on the holidays
That band for the past few years has been The Detroit Cobras and they are not breaking stride this year as they take on another Thanksgiving Thursday providing us all with an alternative to that extra plate of turkey with stuffing or pumpkin pie that was just put back into the fridge after dinner.

The last time I met up with Rachel and Mary

was before last years Thanksgiving Benefit Show for COTS and we talked about many things including a timeline for a new Cobras record...
3 months 6 months 9 months ??-
it doesn't matter because new record or not
Tied and True is still one of the best albums put out by a Detroit band and we are hungry for more but at the same time still satisfied with what we have on our plate. So we will wait a little longer with our fingers crossed that these bad ass betties who run this crew called the Cobras will bring it as soon as possible to our eager ears.
So after you check out the parade on Woodward
and watch the Lions get stuffed as you do the same
get yourself over to the Majestic Cafe
and show your thanks for a Detroit staple
that delivers all the fixin's
MCB has 1 copy of Tied & True for emailer #1
RebeccaMich will be shooting the show
and will be handing off the winner
make sure to say thanks when she is done