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PHOTO ESSAY: John King Used Books - Detroit, MI by LAWRENCEcreative

John King Used Books
901 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit, MI
(313) 961-0622

Focusing on positive aspects of Detroit, and the people who make a difference, I spent two afternoons photographing John King Used Books in Detroit the other weekend.  Due to the sheer mass quantity of the items that John & Co. have collected over the years, there is no way on God's green Earth that I could EVER do this place justice. It is my hopes that these images give a brief window into the efforts that John and his loyal employees put forth to preserve history between the leather-bound books and magazines and souvenirs and documents and every other type of invaluable item stacked on their shelves.

No matter what type of book you may be looking for the next time, it is my suggestion that you forego the trip to Borders or Barnes & Noble, and take a trip to see this place.  Upon walking in, and after you have picked your jaw up off the floor, be sure to introduce yourself at the front desk and ask for a map to the 4 floors of adventure.  Or, as I have done numerous times, just wander.  Let yourself get lost between the shelves and discover something you never knew existed.  Find a dark corner with enough light and open up that copy of T.H. White's 'Sword in the Stone', and get away from all the economy bullshit of our daily lives.  It will reenergize your soul.

If you are the type who collects books of value, you will NOT be disappointed with the selection and availability of rare books in their annex warehouse.  It is simply overwhelming.  And, as if that's not enough, John has accumulated quite the collection of Detroit antiques alongside those of American historical significance.  And, my guess is that if you ask nice enough, and are sincere in your desire to see or purchase items of this nature, John will give you a personal tour through the aisles and up the stairs to the exact spot where it sits waiting for its new owner.

Thanks to everyone over on Lafayette.  Your time, and efforts, are well appreciated and definately not lost on this individual.