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-jr-MusicRevue 11/05/2010

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The Boxing Lesson: Fur State

On October 26th, The Boxing Lesson released their newest LP "Fur State". The album was recorded back in 2004 on a 4-track cassette and later mastered and restored by Danny Reisch. Each track is titled after the number it corresponds with on the album listing and the title itself is a play on words (First Eight). The album itself is pretty lofi and a setup of acoustic guitar, drums (some live some looped), occasional bass, and synth. At times the synth gets to be a bit overbearing but I think that is partly due to the leveling when the LP was initially recorded. So how does one classify The Boxing Lesson with their setup? Folk-Psych? Moog-Dub? Lo-fi shoegaze? They are very unique in how they produce sprawling soundscapes with the non-traditional setup. Usually a band that falls into this psych lo-fi category would make large use of electric guitars and tons of effect pedals. The Boxing Lesson is very minimal in this respect. They do more with less. "Fur State" is definitely worth a listen and is the perfect mood music for a nice Michigan fall drive. For digital purchase or a limited edition Orange Cassette, visit The Boxing Lesson's Bandcamp.



-jr is a musician/dj/blogger/writer from Detroit, MI. He performs in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre and Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean. He also writes a cultural blog covering the ins and outs of the Detroit Music Scence as well as pop culture. When Dj'ing he uses the handle DJ JCM. He has been an integral part of the Detroit Music mechanation for the past 10 years. He knows just about everything about music on both a local and national level. His opinon is gold and is infallible. This is what's been in my ear lately.