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Detroit Krampusnacht Parade 2019

The mythical holiday beast is getting ready to prowl the dark streets of Detroit…lurking through a neighborhood near you at the 2019 Detroit Krampusnacht Parade.
With large curling horns protruding from his head, displaying the half-goat, half-demon creature that is Krampus.
Krampus leaves his lair on the night of Friday December 6th 2019 and will follow old St Nick toward the festivities of the evening. To balance Nicks treatment of the naughty boys and girls perhaps? While St. Nick is giving out candy, be careful because Krampus is known to beat children who misbehave or to stuff them into his sack for a later snack.
The Krampus spirit has been in Detroit for the last 9 years with the annual Krampus Night Holiday-ish Charity Extravaganza that features a badly rehearsed holiday-ish variety show, festive-ish film shorts, the Naughty List Bazaar, bad gingerbread house competition, fugly sweater contest and, most importantly, a charity toy and food card drive for Toys For Tots and Burners Without Borders Detroit. And added this year, a parade!
Who will be in the Krampusnacht Parade? YOU!  We are inviting Krampuses, Perchten and all creatures alike to join us as we revel in the streets! And to top things off, we are hosting a Krampus Costume Contest (details further below). However, you do not need to participate in the contest to join the revelry.
The parade start location is 715 E Milwaukee Street in Detroit and begins at 7pm, ending around 9pm. It is free to participate, watch and enjoy.
Krampusnacht Detroit


There will be 4 points the judges will base their decisions upon the best Krampus. The judges will have an understanding of the folklore and the long running tradition of this event and take the following points into consideration:
  • Authenticity – Materials used, aesthetic points hit, attention to folklore details.
  • Nightmare Fuel – How much will it keep you from sleeping at night.
  • Craftsmanship – How much blood, sweat and tears you put into this.
  • Embodiment – A good costume is nothing without performance.
In order to be in the Costume Contest you must sign up at 6:30 before the parade to be considered for judging. The parade is from 7 to 9pm and you will be judged during that time. At 9:00pm(ish) the winner will be announced!
The prizes? $200 for 1st, $75 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd!
The judges are David Baile (Eyecon FX, Theatre Bizarre, The Parade Company), Sean Hages (artist) and another to be announced. 
For online creature/parade signup: