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Hello Strangers and Josie Pace

Hello Strangers!

Almost 5 years to the date was my last post on MOTORCITYBLOG... my how time fly's by and Life gets in the way!  I've been yearning to get back to posting about Detroit events again, so here I am.  Funny thing is, my last post was about a new local music group called Josie Pace, featuring Josie on vocals, Ken Roberts on keyboards/synths, and Mark Damian on drums.  Pretty ironic since that's exactly who my latest post is about to bring myself back into the MCB fold.


March 26, 2022

In support of ‘Actors’, a synth-pop Canadian 4 piece, Josie, Ken and Mark electrified the packed room at Small’s with an intense light show and energetic Industrial performance…as always!

Never a show to be missed, and having seen them perform regularly over the years, their musicianship, stage presence and vocals have gotten nothing but STRONGER over the years.  And, with having been in Covid-event-hibernation for an excessively long time, it felt so fucking good to get back out and steal some pixels again!

If you want to see ALL the images from the show, check out my personal site:

If you've never seen them LIVE, you have an opportunity to catch them this coming Friday, April 1st, at
Sanctuary Detroit in Hamtramck, in support of Night Club and Holy Wars.  Doors at 7pm.  I'll be there to catch the show and post my shots next week. 

By the way, it's nice to be back.