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'Being Satori Circus-A Performance Documentary in Five Acts' - Official Trailer One

Detroit Filmmaker M.L. Finnell explores the underground subculture and music of Satori Circus - a Detroit performance artist.
In 1988, a conceptual artist was created as ‘Satori Circus’, departing from the norm of what a performance artist was expected to be. Thirty-four years later, Satori Circus continues to write, perform, and astonish in live performances. Being Satori Circus - A Performance Documentary in Five Acts tells the story in an unusual, hybrid, non-fiction/fiction narrative style of the history of this artist, while keeping some of the mystery intact.
?How do others see this iconic Detroit artist?
?What are the influences and forces that made him?
“Here’s someone who’s living an artist’s life, he’s out there, he’s performing, he doesn’t care if there are three people in the audience or five hundred, he’s there to perform.”
- Novelist Michael Zadoorian (The Leisure Seeker)
This documentary film by filmmaker Mark Finnell explores the many facets of Satori Circus and his effect on others, as well as how the artist continues performing despite being relatively unknown nationally.
Through personal narrative and interviews with collaborators, cultural historians and astute observers to this underground scene, we are offered a peek behind the curtain to this under-explored and often misunderstood world of performance art.
Release date 2023 with specific dates to be determined. Stay tuned...
Trailer Two Release 02/17/2023 -
Trailer Three Release 04/14/2023 -


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