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THIS FRIDAY: Exposure: "They Call Me Grandma Techno", Patricia Lay-Dorsey Photography Opening

At the Heidelberg Project, the Number House is no longer a conventional living space, but instead serves as a vibrant home for artwork. The spirit of the organization's former Emerging Artist Program is being re-directed to include POST-HAB as a platform for advancing the emerging art discourse in Detroit. The goal: challenging Detroit's emerging talent with a curated exhibition opportunity to explore topics and themes of Art in a living context. 

Season two of POST-HAB features five artist rotations, as well as a simultaneous rotation of photography exhibits, dubbed “exposure.”  This Friday, June 5th from 5:30-8:30pm opening alongside Daniel Cicchelli's art exhibitPatricia Lay-Dorsey takes us on a journey of her most Detroit experiences at Movement Electronic Music Festival where she is lovingly & passionately known as "Grandma Techno."  Patricia, who turns 73 this year hasn't missed the electronic music festival since 2005.  Come check out the art and start your evening with some dancing at the Heidelberg Project's Number House.

"They Call Me Grandma Techno"
 will be on display through the month of June 
and you can check it out during gift shop hours at the Number House.