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Interview w/ Jon Visger from Mason Proper - NEW ALBUM OUT TODAY!

We were just doing our thing last week by posting a free MP3 from Michigan's Mason Proper
One of our PR peeps hit us up with a freebie to post and before you knew it -bLAMMo we got hit up with an email from Jon Visger - lead singer from MP asking us about our posting.
After a few exchanges we managed to squeeze water from the stone and came up with a mini email interview from Jon about the band - the new record - his girlfriends dog etc..
Olly Oxen Free hit the streets today from Dovetone Records - BUY IT ! you will like it!
The guys have a CD Release show over in Ann Arbor this week at The Blind Pig - all ages show and you get a copy of the new release upon entry - You can't lose kids!
$12 / Under 21 $15
( cover includes a cd )
ALL AGES. Doors 8 p.m.
Interview with Jon Visger from Mason Proper
Hi John - With the new record Olly Oxen Free hitting the streets
tomorrow and the CD release show kicking off the mini tour out in Ann Arbor MI this week -
How is the band feeling about the reception of the new record?

We were consciously going into this record thinking, "We're making
what we like, and if nobody likes it, that is completely fine." So
far it's turning out that a fair amount of people like the same thing
we like, and that feels really good. We feel at one with the world.

What part of MI do you hail from and name your favorite small venue you
guys like to play here in the metro detroit area?

We originally assembled from the great white north of Alpena, but now
we call Ann Arbor our home. In Detroit, we've been fortunate enough
lately to get on great shows at the Magic Stick/the Majestic/and the
Magic Bag, but those don't seem like small venues to me. I really
like the Pike Room, if that counts. Their sound guys make everything
crystal clear in a way that is more rare than it should be.

Who in the band is most responsible for the initial writing //
assembly // polishing of the songs?
Who usually cracks the 1st beer of theday and gets the most phone numbers by the end of the night at the club?

I usually hermit up and write a bunch of songs, which we pick and
choose from and iron out as a group. They bounce around for a while
between all of us, and usually I handle a lot of the recording side,
and final changes.

I like that you phrased the second question in such a way that the
person who cracks the 1st beer of the day is automatically the person
who gets the most phone numbers by the end of the night. The answer,
of course, is Henry Winkler, circa mid-1970s.

What is your bulldog's name and who does he/she like most from the> band?

Walter, formerly Pudge, R.I.P. My girlfriend's dog. He never met the
other guys, but he probably would have eaten their shoes. With their
feet still inside. Legs, etc.

You are playing the CMJ Showcase for Dovecote Records in NYC coming up in late October - how has it been working with Dovecote the past year or so?

Did you steal anything from the house where you recorded the new record?

Working with Dovecote has always been fantastic. They're our good friends at this point, and are as patient as we are with everything, which is important when you're starting out.

The house we recorded in was empty except for some construction
supplies, so there wasn't much to steal. The owner did give us a free
bag of charcoal for Zac's grill. He also was supposedly going to get
me a free guitar from his friend who built them. The neck was made
out of metal or something. He didn't know anything about guitars, but
he assured me you could jump on the neck and it would not break, so he
figured it must be a good one. He never came through, but I heard he
designs weapons systems now.

Your quoted as saying "This album is born of the same internal madness as the first, only now the layers have been lifted. The core of our band is exposed, to be loved, hated, or ignored." - with the reviews of the record through the roof and exposure of the band higher than its ever ...

its probably safe to say that Mason Proper will be loved by the masses... your thoughts?

Nobody's ever safe in this climate. They can turn on you like THAT.
I just don't think anybody's automatically entitled to anything with
art, and I never take it for granted. It's really exciting that
people are paying attention, but I'm mostly just proud of the actual
thing we have created, that I can hear it without wishing it was
different, and what we've become as a group of people, because nobody
can take that away.

Is there anyone you hope to see at the CD release show at The Blind Pig?

David Bowie. He's like the spectral harbinger of indie success.
David Byrne would also suffice. Give me validation, oh Davids!

These people are not coming to the Blind Pig. I think my friend David
is coming though. He will do. I hope I see him. If there are about
20 Davids there, I think that is about the equivalent of one David
Bowie or Byrne.

What are Mason Proper's plans for 2009?

New album. Better than this one. New tours. Bigger than this one.
Start exercising. Drop 10 pounds, 15 times; subsequently disappear.

Thanks for finding MOTORCITYBLOG and best of luck to you and MP with the new record.

Thank YOU! Ramen time.