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THIS THURS: Emi Slade presents "Plated"

I've mentioned Emi Slade once or twice before, being a proud owner of one of her originals. She continues to create some of the most high-quality, interesting, sometimes gruesome and totally delightful works on an impressively regular basis. The "Plated" show looks like a particularly bizarre and wonderful pairing, and good enough to, er...

Thursday, May 12, 6.30-8.30
Woods Gallery, Huntington Woods, MI

I will be hosting a  solo exhibition, Thursday May 12th, from 6:30-8:30pm located at the Woods Gallery in Huntington Woods, Mi. The unique display is titled “Plated: A full Service Exhibition”, and as promised, there will be many new works to browse through….

Now what is "Plated" all about?

Well, "Plated" is an exhibition of works related to food art and plate presentation. Basically, this means I am installing the creatures of the collection atop silver platters and tea sets, topping them with syrup, and throwing on a sprinkle of sugars and spices in for good measure. Many of the works are in a state of already being eaten, while some are served fresh from the fish counter with rice and fruit garnishes. OF COURSE there are some adorable sweet creatures, and even a cheese squid or two (yes..I did just say cheese squid), but all the works are sure to fit most everyones’ taste. All aspects of the work are created using polymer/epoxy based clays, Acrylic and enamel paints, and are constructed using traditional sculpture methods. So in short, no..your cherry-on-top isn’t going to good bad

There will be over 10 brand new pieces, and several small collections of food-themed creature pendants and small, reasonably priced plated appetizers.