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TOUCH 2.0 - TONIGHT at The Works

presents an 18+ event at the Works.
$8 before 12, $10 after.

Dstruct.O, Acid Pimp, Carlos Souffront, Matt Clarke, Chuck Flask, Mark Moss, Laceration Selecta, Dan Bain, Oktored

-----Back Room( - Dubstep/Drum n Bass
*DSTRUCT.O (First Detroit performance)
This Dubstep & Drumstep Producer / Dj / MONSTER emerged from the cold Canadian tundra back in 2009. Since then he has been spinning at clubs, pubs and special events for bass junkies in the know. Along with his Robostep & Drumstep group @ , you can find a ton of his original music and remixes online for free @ . In January of 2011 his Drumstep Ep02 was made available on itunes, amazon and many other online stores. Followed up by his single The Shredder, these releases have opened the doors to his path of DSTUCTION. Bare witness,...if you dare;)

Matt Clarke has become synonymous with Bass Music in Detroit, be it through his unique DJ sets, his website ( or when he was the Drum n Bass vinyl buyer for 5 years at various record shops (Record Time, Hearwax and Melodies). Matt first began DJing in 1994, playing Acid house at various basement parties and within a few years he caught the eye of local promotion companies. In late 1996, he began playing for 2000 person warehouse parties and was gaining residencies with some of Detroit’s elite promoters.
As the genre of Acid House started to dwindle into obscurity in 1997, this is around the time when Matt Clarke became enthralled with Jungle/Drum N Bass music. Using his previous connections with promoters, Matt was instrumental in bringing Drum N Bass into the main room at Techno parties and exposing the bass fueled sound to the masses. Through the next 9 years, Matt would be finding new residencies as the scene moved from dirty underground warehouses to more established clubs. He made a home out of Clutch, Carbon (Break Beat Etiquette, Pressure), Motor (Fridays), Necto, Bird of Paradise, and Forans (Substance: which is still the longest running Drum N Bass night in Detroit’s history).
Then in 2005, Matt discovered Dubstep and began listening to the likes of N-Type, Marlow, D1, Skream, and Coki. He began downloading free tunes that these artists would post up on various blog sites and began playing Dubstep to crowds in the early hours of his sets. This made Matt Clarke one of the original Dubstep DJs in Detroit and in 2007 he bought the domain to and began a Myspace group of the same name. In 2009, his sets began to mostly consist of Dubstep while working into Drum n Bass and Drumstep as the night progressed.

Now in 2011, Matt Clarke has been DJing for 17 years and has been producing multiple genres of electronic music under a few guises. has seen over 1.6 million hits and continually promotes Dubstep artists and events. His promotional company has brought out some of the biggest names within the genre, and continues to grow to larger venues. He does all this while running the website, a growing clothing line, and a healthy DJ schedule which keeps him booked somewhere almost every weekend.

*MARK 8en MOSS (Everyday Junglist)
Moss began playing Acid House at age 12, then discovered the Hardcore Breakbeat sounds coming out of the UK. By 1991, he was full on emerged in the blossoming hardcore scene, following it straight through to Jungle and then D&B. Co-founding Detroit's first D&B night, 8en looked to fill the gaping hole in the Detroit scene that was missing D&B. It has been his mission since to play anywhere he can, educating the masses not only on the future of D&B, but also a strong focus on the past. 8en currently co-runs the Everyday Junglist Podcast which has a strong worldwide following to help bring the education of D&B to the worldwide masses. 8en's sets are always energetic, always heavy and and always....Hardcore!

Got his start as a Jungle Dj in 1998 after falling in love with the Bass filled genre at the legendary Warehouse parties in Detroit in the mid to late 90's. As time went on his style progressed from Jungle & Hip Hop to the Reggae sounds of Roots, Dub, and Dancehall. In 2007 he discovered the Dubstep sound, and by late 2008 it had become his style of choice. Now in 2011 Laceration Selekta has become one of Detroit's top Bass Dj's. His brutal sets have been known to blister sound systems with his unique blend of Dubstep & Drumstep.

Is making a name for himself with his impressive live shows and nasty Grime tunes. With a slew of releases about to drop in a bunch of different genres, Oktored is one to watch for in the next couple of years.

-----Front Room---(Subculture) - House, Techno, Acid
*ACID PIMP (D Records)
Tom Newman (a.k.a. Acid Pimp, Poker) is Detroit’ next world-class DJ. Since 1996 he has been headlining major events alongside the biggest names this city has spawned. His unquestionable talent and dedicated following have brought him into the midwestern electronic music scene and across north america.

Tom Newman has established his name by having an uncanny ability to play some of today’ hardest, most aggressive techno with such an overpowering taste of funkiness that no one within an earshot can resist to wiggle. His seamless mixing, and dark, funky sound will control your body, leaving your mind vulnerable to fierce psychological manipulation. In the clubs, Tom Newman has developed a style of mixing deep house, tribal house/techno, and hard minimal techno, exposing the hidden rhythms that are generated to keep the dance floor packed and moving.

As a producer, Tom Newman’ past reveals a string of underground classics on his own cheshire record label. These records were distributed exclusively through Dan Bell’ ‘Seventh City’, & got very high reviews in international magazines such as muzik, and frontpage (currently debug), recently, Tom Newman has had much success with D- records. This label was originally founded by Rich Hawtin as a M_nus sub label to showcase Detroit’ next generation of world-class techno producers. It has since grown into a feature label of it’ own, of which Tom’ releases (under the name Poker), have done very well (Poker’ ‘dance for the devil’ was the #1 record on sonic groove’ website for October 2000). The 2001 calendar year will unravel numerous new releases on D, as well as many other undisclosed projects.

Is one of Detroit's finest underground talents. His taste, style and integrity have made him one of Detroit's most sought after young DJs. His initial impetus into the lifestyle of DJing came from Detroit's Rave heyday, a time when warehouse were profoundly inpiring experiences with a singular focus on the music. He shared his first residency with Clark Warner (Plus 8) at Zoot's Coffee and Sound. Zoot's was Detroit's first cafe for the techno generation, a meeting place where new ideas were shared and the further reaches of the music were explored. It is in the clutches of this cafe that Carlos' style began to emerge, one that draws from Detroit's Techno history but always pushes to try new things and to try new combinations, an attitude that comes across to this day in his approach.

His style was further refined for the dance floor with his residency at Detroit's legendary Sardine Bar, where he shared the decks with Stacey Pullen. It is from here that Carlos began to solidify his reputation in the Detroit scene and began frequently playing parties and clubs. During his residency at the Labyrinth Carlos' profile began to increase and his reputation as the DJ's DJ began. He is noted for effortlessly putting diverse genres and styles of electronic music together making a cohesive whole, finding the common thread between techno, house, electro and experimental music. 'I want to expose the funk and psychedelia of my favorite records in a new way.'

*CHUCK FLASK (Paxahau)
Began Dj’ing in the Detroit underground scene in 1996, developing his own style that seamlessly transitions through minimal, Detroit techno and house to appease any audience. In 2001, Chuck joined Paxahau as a resident DJ and production coordinator. In 2006 Chuck added the responsibilities of talent buyer for Detroit's MOVEMENT: Electronic Music Festival and label manager of D Records; both Paxahau satellite projects. Through his involvement with Paxahau, Chuck’s performances further evolved earning him coveted gigs with: Sammy Dee, Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voight, KMS, Marco Carola, Magda, Juan Atkins, Adam Beyer, Luciano, Dan Bell, Mathew Jonson, Carl Craig and many more.

With direct influence from some of the world’s top artists, Chuck expanded on his work as a DJ to also become known for his production talents. With solo releases on Blazaebla and D Records and a joint release on D Records as one half of the duo VSOP, Chuck continues to develop both his DJ and Live shows leading to international gigs in: Malta, Space in Ibiza & Der Visionaere in Berlin. He has also played on the Beatport stage at the Winter Music Conference, The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2004 & 2005) and the Decibel Festival in Seattle. As a DJ, Chuck has an unprecedented ability to satisfy any crowd while exposing them to the next level of electronic music.

*DAN BAIN (Paxahau)
Inspired by Detroit techno parties of the late nineties, Dan Bain began DJ’ing in late 1999. An obsession with a myriad of electronic music subgenres has made it difficult to peg him down to one style. Since his
early days he was never buying one style of music; his selections ranged from West Coast house to Swedish techno. In 2001 Dan and a small group of friends created Flynote Productions and over the span of 5 years he played a key role in many memorable events and debuted artists like DJ Three, Chloe Harris, Habersham and Avex Axiom to Detroit.In 2006 Dan decided to volunteer for Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, leading to a DJ residency with Paxahau, the event’s producer.

The Works
1846 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216-1332
(313) 961-1742

18+ / 21 to drink
$8 before Midnight
$10 after

Sound provided by Source Audio
Lighting by Shane P Designs.

Front Room:
Dan Bain 10pm-12am
Chuck Flask 12am – 1:30am
Acid Pimp 1:30am – 3:00am
Carlos Souffront 3:00am to 4:30am

Back Room:
Oktored 10:00pm-12:00am
Matt Clarke 12:00am – 1:00am
Dstruct.O 1:00am – 2:00am
Laceration Selekta 2:00am – 3:00am
Mark Moss 3:00am – 4:00am