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This Week In Moneypenny: Eagles of Death Metal @ Small's 7/24/10

Eagles of Death Metal @ Small's

With less than 24 hours notice, a fortunate few managed to catch The Eagles of Death Metal murder it at Small's last weekend. The boys were in town for Land of Nod and just couldn't go home without rocking the faces off their friends at their favorite place to play in Detroit. This was their third time at Small's, so everyone lucky enough to be there was already well acquainted with the band and fully stoked for what was coming. Everyone here knows that EODM can be counted on for the best party ever, every time.

Jesse, David and Joey C. are all as strong, strapping and silly as ever, but sadly, the band has a man down. Dear friend and bassist Brian O'Connor has come down with the cancer and is recuperating at home in LA for a while. Like a lot of us, Brian doesn't have health insurance, so the boys & friends have taken it upon themselves to help him fight the evil cancer and the hefty cost by setting up a donation site and fundraiser shows. Any help is greatly appreciated. Brian is expected to be good as new very soon; the kick-ass Abby Travis has been filling his giant shoes for him while he heals. Detroit sends their love, BOC!

Artificial Agent opened up to a very restless audience that just about cracked the foundation when they started pounding the stage and chanting for the band to come out. Detroit was already steaming that night and with the crowd boiling over the room was a sweaty mess. EODM strutted onstage with their usual cool charm; with the combination of Jesse's new beard and their fancy lady bassist, they were rockin' a slight resemblance to Electric Mayhem. The relationship between Detroit and The Eagles of Death Metal is based on a deep mutual love of rock n roll and it clearly shows when they play here. The collective joy-frenzy and the power of EODM's performance almost melted the fuckin place. Motorcityblog was given a glorious shout-out and Hard Luck was claimed as the unofficial "official EODM vodka". The Assistant and I were able to grab a handful of dark, gritty pictures and some dim video of the show shot from backstage. We did our best. Deal with it. Bad Dream + Make a Bang! & Speaking in Tongues

Editor note: EODM is currently working on a new song called Detroit Steam that according to Jesse has been the fall of 2 producers for not getting the sound right ....this song was announced in 2008 and in the pictures above show Jesse with a handful of Detroit Steam stickers passing them out to the crowd
EODM rolled out of town shortly after the show to head for the sunset. The boys say they have been busy out there in the desert and we should all stay tuned. They move fast, so pay attention!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I'll see YOU all SATURDAY, Bitches!!! It's gonna be extra Motorcity Special.

Peace, Love, Death Metal,