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Live Detroit Fund

Live Detroit Fund
The Live Detroit Fund is a rent subsidy program for Next Generation leaders of Detroit to move downtown. The LDF will be administered by CommunityNEXT, a program of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to attract and retain young talent in the region.

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The Goal
Create a neighborhood and community of 25 young adults that will be active in creating a dynamic urban environment in the city of Detroit.

The Commitment
Recipients of the LDF rent subsidy will be required to plan one substantial community event a month that will strengthen the Jewish and larger Detroit communities.

Why is this Important?
CommunityNEXT understands that in order to prevent further brain-drain from the city of Detroit, incentives must be created to re populate and build excitement in the city. The LDF will help provide the initial spark plug to re-populate Detroit and help grow the economic vitality in Detroit.

The Specifics
The LDF will provide up to 25 Next Generation leaders a rent subisdy of $250 per month for up to one year. The Live Detroit Fund will be fundraising throughout the month of August primarily through Do it for Detroit, a series of charity sports tournaments and events being held across the country. Get involved, tell your friends and family, and help rebuild the city that we all love.

If the LDF’s fundraising goal of $100,000 is met, the application process will begin fall 2011.
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