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Recap: Mitten Movie Project's Zomie Night

The Mitten Movie Project held it's monthly film festival on Tuesday, November 8th, at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak. This month's selections were all focused on zombies.

The Audience Choice Award went to The Zombie Factor, a satire of reality shows, that in this instance revolves around...zombies (duh). It had all the reality show cliche contestants, like the prissy blonde, the token black guy, and the overly effeminate gay man. The Zombie Factor isn't just a short film, it's also a potential television pilot. I could see it possibly ending up on Spike or Syfy (why did they have the change the spelling of that channel?).

Second place was Zombie in a Penguin Suit, which I personally think should have won first place (that was my vote). In third was Parkour Zombies. Rather than try to explain what parkour is, I'll just give a link to a video. In my opinion, I think that Nazi Zombies deserve an honorable mention. Lucky for you, this short has been posted on the web.