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ROCKHOUNDING: REVIEW/PREVIEW: Jeremy and the Harlequins NEW Release "Cam Girl" at The Lager House This Month

Bringing Back Then to Now...
By Al Bruting

The December 17th release from Jeremy and the Harlequins, "Cam Girl," embodies the rock and romance sound of the 50s without the do-wop. Its harkens back to a simple time in music where a guy wanted a girl so bad he yelled it across a stage over the top of an electric guitar for all to hear.

The use of falsetto vocals and lots of reverb flavor the sound while the base drum drives the rhythm.  Add some Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison and the Fury brothers can definitely be heard "bringing back then to now."

While the quintet is Brooklyn based, they have spent time in the motor city recording at the respected Tempermill Studios (The White Stripes and Loretta Lynn.)

The old school production and basic instrumentation makes this easy music to listen to. If your in the mood to  to cut the rug or just to listen to rock and roll love songs, come out to PJ's Lager House on December 28th and check them out.


Song: Right Out Of Love
Album: Right Out Of Love (single)
Year: 2013