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Michelle Tanguay/ FACEtoFACE/ 40 Large Portraits Of Detroiters/ Dec 6/ Bankle Studio

Detroit Painter Michelle Tanguay Presents 40 Large Scale Portraits of Fellow Detroiters / Opening  Friday, December 6th

FACEtoFACE is a solo exhibition featuring the work of Detroit painter Michelle Tanguay and will be on view in Tanguay's Detroit studio at 2948 Woodward, Friday, December 6th, with an opening reception 8PM- 12AM

Tanguay presents series of large black and white portraits which were painted on banners that were donated to her from the Detroit Jazz Festival. Tanguay found it only fitting to paint her fellow Detroiters on the large scale banners that have "MotorCityCasino"or "Imported From Detroit" already printed on them, giving the portraits a very Detroit flavor.

The exhibition features over 40 portraits of people who have one thing in common, they have all lived, worked, or partied in Detroit and love the city.
The opening reception is on Friday, December 6th from 8pm to midnight.

FACEtoFACE is free and open to the public.
The evening's  soundtrack will be provided by Detroit DJ John Ryan.

View Michelle Tanguay's website here-

2948 Woodward (In The Bankle Bldg)
Detroit, MI 48201