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Let's Shake it UP! MCB Pick of the Week! METALLICLAUS ! Saturday, December 7th 12pm-5pm.

Visit Detroit Comics this Saturday noon
for a few snorts of whiskey and a copy of Rune

Shop for the coolest in comix and toys
For all on your list who were good gals and boys

You may notice a character from the corner of your eye
Clutching his Jameson down off to his side

His name is Metalliclaus - A grumpy ol' fella
Chicks sit on his lap then spout "That aint no jella!"

Get your mugshot taken with the meanest of jacks
If your blonde built and buxom he'll stare at your rack

After the photo you donate 5 dollars
then step off to pay before somebody hollers

and reach for your wallet but its not there - HEY!
and you notice out the window
A grinning Metalliclaus jetting away on his sleigh

Vintage pic of MCB youngin's hanging 
with Metalliclaus back in the day

Detroit Comics
Saturday, December 7th
Get your picture taken with Detroit's Bad Santa
for $5 and proceeds to benefit Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation.
Kids table with crafts and fun!


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