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The return of the Singles + Jeremy and The Harlequins at Lager House Detroit - Saturday 12/28/13

Looking for a real treat this xmas?

Get on over to Lager House this Saturday night for 
Jeremy and The Harlequins are a trip through the early days of American rock ‘n roll. 

A perfect kick off to your lead up to NYE 2014!

In this day and age of over produced, digitized music, Jeremy and The Harlequins are a breath of fresh air. Their sound is stripped down and the lyrics are playful and honest. Nostalgic, and at some times haunting, Jeremy and The Harlequins are a trip through the early days of American rock ‘n roll. 

The band came together serendipitously after singer, Jeremy Fury, and guitarist, Craig Bonich’s, latest New York City based line-up, previously named Romans, disbanded in April of 2013. As fate would have it, Jeremy’s brother, drummer Stephan Fury, returned from Paris, France to spend time with his family in their hometown of Toledo, Ohio. While in Ohio, Jeremy and Stephan began collaborating on a compilation of songs that Jeremy had written over the past few years. 

After opening the vault of material, the Fury Brothers enlisted the bass talents of musician and friend, Nathan Cogan. Days later, guitarists Craig Bonich and Patrick Meyer drove from New York City to Toledo to assist in the creation of the new music. Craig had miraculously met Patrick only one day prior to leaving for Ohio and spent the entire drive indoctrinating Patrick into the sound and vision Craig and Jeremy dreamed of. Upon their arrival into America's heartland only a few days prior to July 4th, the new line-up celebrated America's independence with an impromptu first show at a local bar in Maumee, Ohio having never played together before. 

The five spent less than week in a whirlwind of rehearsals. The result was ten undeniably passionate rock 'n roll songs. Recorded in two days just outside of Detroit, at Tempermill Studios (The White Stripes, Loretta Lynn) the music is live and present; captured true-to-form by the finest analog equipment. Upon completion of the recording, the group procured the talents of producer and guitarist extraordinaire, Matt Verta Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby), for the ever-important mix. 

The record rings with urgency, containing an energetic and youthful feeling bands today desperately seek, but can rarely attain due to modern recording techniques. Jeremy's vocals, recorded live in just a few short hours, punctuate the passion and gusto that is the soul of the group. These raw vocals are supported by bare guitars that rock unadultered and get straight to the point, while the melodic and present bass lines and simplistic drums, free from superfluous fills, resonate deep inside you. References to musical greats such as Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly are sprinkled throughout, yet Jeremy and The Harlequins have managed to find their own, unique voice.