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Show Preview: HOLOGRAMS + TV Ghost at the Magic Stick - 12/9

Swedish foursome Holograms released their sophomore album Forever at the start of September and immediately hit the road in Europe. This week they make their way across the ocean. On Wednesday they'll be joined by TV Ghost and embark on a 3 week tour that kicks off in DC and takes them across North America. Check them out at the Magic Stick on December 9th!
Motorcityblog recently caught up with guitarist./vocalist Anton Spetze to chat about the upcoming tour, winter depression, and bowling in Detroit.
Motorcityblog: Hey man, thanks for taking a minute to talk with us. Very exciting about the show next month, is this your first time in America?
Anton Spetze;  No, we toured last year in Detroit but there was only two people there. We're excited to come back.
MCB: The new record sounds great, how was your approach to Forever different than the first record?
AS: It was the same as the first record, but this time it was more focused. We went in wanting a bigger sound and we got exactly what we wanted this time.
MCB: How do you write songs with the band?
AS:  Andreas and I write the songs and then we bring them to the band and teach them. Definitely a structure and then we can add parts sometimes.
MCB: You guys have a very ominous tone to your music with influences like Joy Division, but Sweden is supposed to be the happiest country on the planet.
AS: Yeah, we also have a lot of fucking suicides. And it's winter, so it's cold and it's dark at 3 o'clock. (laughs)
MCB: I hear ya, sounds kinda like Detroit! You guys have a bit of Joy Dvision in your sound, what are some other influences that might surprise people?
AS: I do listen to Joy Division, I don't listen to a lot of post punk. I mostly listen to Swedish pop from the 90s until now. Andreas listens to a lot of English post punk, but I really listen to pop music.
MCB: What are some upcoming bands that you like?
AS: I become Vapor, that's our drummer's little brother's band.
MCB: Last time you were in Detroit did you get to see anything cool?
AS: I think our tour manager took us to a famous sandwich bar...
MCB: The coney?
AS: Yes, there were two. We went into one and it was packed, so we went to the other and it was a hole in the wall. It was cool.
MCB: Is there anything you want to tell the good people of Detroit about the show?
AS: I can't really tell anything about the show yet, but I would like people to come bowling with us. I remember we went bowling last time.