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ART OPENING THIS SAT: Language group show, 19 May

A group show curated by SATORI CIRCUS 
Opening reception May19th 7pm to 11pm
Show Runs May 18 – June 11

We use language all the time. From our voice to our bodies; from fast food signs to highway signs and then what comes from our imaginations. Then, as artists, we apply our collected thoughts and sights to some sort of selected surface: clothes, paper, canvas, rock, steel, dance space, concert hall, et al. These things are ways we communicate, some together and some alone.

In some regard, we’re always telling some sort of story…always performing, always giving, and in some instances, taking.

This exhibition is a story of how different languages placed under one roof together can talk, move, listen and create a uniquely singular story; a story that contains thought, color, line, shape, personality, volume, guts and sacrifice; a story that melds together cultures and ideals and through the relationship that they have (seen or unseen), another language lives.

I think artists are very unique and different individuals, and through whatever medium we choose and work in, we are always communicating…using our own language to reach out to the viewer.

artists featured
Lushes LeMoan
Gwen Joy
Luke MacGilvray
Thomas Pyrzewski
Angela Topacio
Audrey Pongracz
Ryan Weiss
Topher Crowder
Christopher Fick
Taurus Burns
Aunia Kahn
Clarence Moses