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Coming up at the MoCAD Sat. 6/25: Analog Ladies + The Church of the Super Serge

Analog Ladies is a group created by Elise Gargalikis for women of all kinds to meet and connect based on their love of creating and performing live electronic music. This includes analog and digital instruments. The Church of the Super Serge was founded by Dmitri Bronson in order to create a gathering for men and women to come together in the name of DIY synth builders, modular synth performers, and most importantly, to celebrate the Serge Synthesizer, the namesake of the event. The event will consist of two parts. First, a workshop by The Church of the Super Serge will instruct attendees on how to wire their very own Atari Punk Console. The workshop will be followed by an evening of performances by selected analog ladies and Slope114. 

4pm — Church of the Super Serge Workshop 
6pm — Mother Cyborg [Temple of Cyborg] - DJ set
7pm — Erika [Interdimensional Transmissions] - DJ set
8pm — Slope114 [Black Catalogue, San Francisco] - Live PA

Admission: $5 (free for MOCAD members)

Info on the Atari Punk Console: