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UPCOMING (Thurs. June 9): La Marcha 43 at The Annex in Detroit

 LICOR 43, the best-selling Spanish liqueur in the world, is launching  “La Marcha 43,” a unique, immersive experience designed to bring the best of Spain’s internationally-renowned nightlife to partygoers in Detroit.

The term “La Marcha” refers to a party lifestyle that is defined by starting later, ending later and having unpredictability define everything in between. Licor 43 brings this unique flair to Detroit through “La Marcha 43” with an unforgettable night of eclectic drinks, music and food. 

This event will bring to life mash-ups of traditions of the past combined with millennial culture and Spanish flavor throughout. Guests should expect surprises, giveaways and to freely indulge in the unexpected nightlife of Spain. 

The event will also feature DJ Godfather,
The event takes place from 8:00pm-12:00am this Thursday (June 9) 
The Annex located at 22 W Adams Ave. Detroit, MI 48226

21+ only.