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UPCOMING (Sat. June 25): Super Happy Funtime Burlesque at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor

  Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is a 12 member touring monstrosity and they will
be performing at the Bling Pig in Ann Arbor this Saturday (June 25).

A live band, a burlesque troupe, a circus act, that is all together too contemporary, too modern, too bawdy, and too controversial to be defined just as “burlesque”. So, calling itself ‘burlesque’ for lack of a better term, Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is heading out for their 7th national tour 
this fall with its newest musical production. 

Designed to find your line and cross it, some kind of strange mix of GWAR and Benny Goodman with touches of SNL and the Price is Right, Super Happy Funtime Burlesque sprays you with glitter and love while playfully degrading taboo subjects like religion, politics, and sex. “For every 100 people dancing, there are usually ten or so walking out the door,” says host and bandleader Mr. Happypants, “You either get it or you don’t; the right people get it.” Super Happy Funtime Burlesque sets itself apart from other burlesque shows, and touring acts in general, for one major reason: its live band playing original music. Somewhere in a middle ground between Frank Zappa and Tom Waits, this show that gets curiosity seekers out with the promise of tits keeps them in the seats with a set of original tunes that get stuck in your head for weeks after the performance. “People are surprised by the songwriting! What they don’t know is that we’re all professional artists who’s day jobs are in the musical theater world, we bring that aesthetic and blend it with an underground edginess that leaves peoples jaws on the floor.”

 Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is presenting a new and contemporary musical theater at its finest. Come see it now before it gets so big that you can’t afford the ticket!!

 Doors at 9:30pm | 18+ | $10 Cover
Buy advance tickets HERE.

The Blind Pig is located at: 208 S 1st St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104