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UPCOMING (Sat. June 18): Doppelgänger Circus Sideshow at Penelopes in Southgate


The Doppelgänger Circus Sideshow will be bringing their freaky acts to Penelope's in Southgate this Saturday, June 18.
Featuring the Bizarre talents of ADAM ARCANA & RACHEL RAMPAGE. Together they perform some of insanity's greatest hits live on stage. Their show is a roller coaster ride of thrilling danger stunts, situational comedy, and audience participation.  
You "may" witness Fire Eating/Breathing, A Tesla inspired Electric Chair Act, Pierced Weightlifting, Contortion, Knife Throwing, Bed of Nails, A Chainsaw Act, and more at any given show.
The night's event will start off with Detroit Belly Dancers Mind Belly & Soul. 
There will also be a menu of tasty items to purchase is your stomach so desires. 
Admission cost  is $10.00.
Penelope's is located at 12219 Dix Toledo Rd, Southgate, MI 48195