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Gettin' outta town: The CFI "Reason for Change" conference in Buffalo, NY

Next weekend, your girl DC in Detroit will have the great pleasure of hauling her tank of a Volvo through international lands to exotic Buffalo, New York, to attend Center for Inquiry's Reason for Change conference. She'll be bringing her open mind, tender heart, and after previous write-ups that took longer to read than the con itself, a giant editing axe. But if she does find herself in conversation with Richard Dawkins, be prepared to read every single word of it. Stay tuned.

A CFI Conference in Buffalo, New York
June 11–15, 2015

Science, reason, and secularism can be positive forces for change, especially when guided by the values of skepticism and humanism and driven by the passion and creativity of a vibrant freethought community.

Join us at the Center for Inquiry for “Reason for Change,” an international conference where humanists, skeptics, and all those who value science and reason will meet to inform and inspire one another to be a positive force for change.