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The Senate Theater

It's not as well known or talked about at the Redford Theater, but the Senate Theater shares a lot of its characteristics. It's kept alive by organ enthusiasts and the screening of classic movies.

The interior isn't as opulent, but this theater boasts a more sophisticated organ setup. The Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ was originally in the Fisher Theater, but was removed after that theater was radically renovated in 1961. It found it's way to the Senate Theater in 1964. (Go here for the full story)

Each note for each style of sound is created by a unique pipe when air is forced through it by a twenty-five horsepower turbine.

The pipes took up most of the original stage, so the stage you see now was an extension built out into the seating area.

You get the full effect of a silent movie the way it was meant to be seen when you see it with a live organ accompaniment.

Tomorrow night there will be a great opportunity to see the inside of this theater. David Lynch's adaptation of Dune will showing at 8:00 as part of the Cinetopia International Film Festival.