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SATORI CIRCUS is easily the Best Performance Art Group Detroit has produced. It should be seen if only to witness a New Direction in Art.” - Detroit Free Press

On Friday and Saturday, June 12th and 13th, 2015, SATORI CIRCUS will present a new performance art piece titled, “Dbwe’ inini” in the Hastings theatre space at the Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom. The show is a collaboration between SC and dear friends Brian Dambacher (Funy As Hell, 63mins, poems we tell ourselves) and Tim Suliman (MOSES:39, Child-Proof, poems we tell ourselves).

Dbwe’ inini” is a new performance piece, with all original words, music and visuals. It’s a story and performance dissimilar from other SATORI CIRCUS’ performances where the narrator, SC, takes the audience on a guided tour through the individual and united journeys of a family. They work through building and maintaining a happy home, keeping sane at work, raising children, and solidifying identities; all while dreaming, loving and hoping, growing and persevering.

Satori Circus is the Theatre of the Absurd - on Mars.” – Real Detroit Weekly
New York City has the Blue Man Group, Detroit has SATORI CIRCUS.” - Chris Jaszczak

The title of the performance art piece “Dbwe’ inini” means ‘man who looks for truth, and is from the large group of Native Americans, the Ojibwe (also Ojibwa), or Chippewa, who were found in Canada and the United States. Many were formerly located around the outlet of Lake Superior. This name was given to SC by a friend, because it plays off the Zen term Satori, which loosely means pure illumination, pure truth.

Co-performers- Tim Suliman, Lushes LaMoan, Sofia Syntaxx and Sean Redenz will interact with, change the perspective of, move and maybe even scold the audience.
June 12th and 13th at the Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom,
715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI 48202 / 313.873.2955 /www.tangentgallery
One performance each night 10P with doors at 8P…
$15 at the door…LIMITED SEATING – First come first serve.

Be prepared for the unknown and come with an open heart and head to witness a hybrid of performance art rarely seen in this Detroit Metro Area. We guarantee that you have never seen anything like this and you may never again. Sometimes, journeys end where they begin and begin where they end.

A love for the absurd, SATORI CIRCUS is a singularly uncanny theatre-going experience that’s a little bit Performance Art and a little bit Rock Opera.” - Metro Times