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The Buzzcocks Rock Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theater 6/19/15

Words: Sue Static; Photos: Peter Schorn - Rock Out Shots

U.K. pop-punk stalwarts the Buzzcocks returned to Toronto for a show at the Phoenix Concert Theater this past weekend. The current line-up consists of two original members, vocalist Pete Shelley and guitarist Steve Diggle, with drummer Danny Farante and bassist Chris Remmington rounding out the band.

In late 2014 the band released their ninth studio album, “The Way.” They returned to their roots by self-releasing the album thru the crowd-funding website They have been touring worldwide since then to support the album and treat fans to some new songs as well as their old classics.

The band started out this show with the 1, 2, 3 punch of their early songs "Boredom", "Fast Cars," and "I Don't Mind," before launching into new material from the album. They continued to switch back and forth between their more memorable hits and newer fare, which was unrecognizable to most fans in the audience except for the die-hards who knew that the band had a recent album out.

These songs weighed the set down a bit as most fans were eager to hear the edgy pop classics that they came their for. The ever-animated guitarist Steve Diggle clearly was enjoying himself throughout the set and engaged the audience while the others held down the beat. The band ended on a strong note with their pop classic "Ever Fallen In Love" and a rousing rendition of "Orgasm Addict" which had the Toronto audience singing along.

Check out the new album “The Way” thru 1-2-3-4 Go! Records also check out for more information and to order music from their catalog.