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SHOW REVIEW: JSBX @ Magic Stick Detroit

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is back!

The original band with the explosive sound has released their first new album album in 8 years, Meat and Bone picks up right where they left off so long ago.The new video for Black Mold is appropriately creepy and has revived my old theory that Jon is a werewolf from outer space. Their particular brand of punk-blues is as heavy as it ever was and shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently in Detroit, The JSBX managed to get the crowd at The Magic Stick to dance for the fist time I've seen in years (or ever). It was actually more like a group freak-out. Sometimes crowds in this era have a habit of standing like dazed cattle just staring blankly into the face of Rock N Roll. Not this time! Jon and the boys draw them all in: The young, the old, the nerds and the crazies all showed up to show respect and love for the band that never lets us down. There was spastic movement throughout the place as JSBX played a good mix of past and present with a look and sound that is still impeccable. Jon delivers his trademark scowls and howls with tireless energy; Judah and Russell happily supply the best grooves and beats the blues can handle. They all make it look too easy. If you've never seen it for yourself, it looks like this

Check out Meat and Bone and recent re-releases and get your pants off!

Ya know ya wanna.