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Jackson Browne at Music Hall Detroit

When I was younger, I just sort of assumed that there would be a turning point at which I became a full fledged 'adult.' As I have aged, I learned that is totally not the case, you just hide your childishness better.

That 'adult' filter was absent during Saturday's Jackson Browne show at the Music Hall Detroit.  People were screaming out song requests and conversing with artists on stage the entire evening. There were lots of standing ovations and general tomfoolery.  I was happy to see it.

Jackson Browne was at the center of it all, holding court before the full house. He and the band were operating off a set list, but it really just served as suggestions between taking crowd requests.  He played a full two hour set with the obligatory 'Running on Empty' and 'Take it Easy' during the encore.

This was my first show at the Music Hall. It's a beautiful venue with impeccable sound. The drink line was pretty long, but that can easily be forgiven.  I'm glad I made the trip out to experience the event.