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FREE TICKETS: Electric 6 / Evil Cowards - St Andrews Hall Detroit - 11/10

E6 + Evil Cowards + FREE TICKETS = a good time - email for your shot to win a pair to the funnest dance party this side of hamtramck

but now
You are reading about Evil Cowards and their second album “Moving Through Security”.  

Evil Cowards is a two-man act from New York City and its two men have important and time-consuming roles in Electric Six and Fall On Your Sword.  Thus, Evil Cowards falls into the category known as “side project”.  And side projects aren’t always as easy to market as primary projects.  But we’re gonna go ahead and market “Moving Through Security” anyway.  Because side dishes are best served hot.    And you’ll feel better after having a hot meal.
Evil Cowards is William Bates and Tyler Spencer and they’ve already put out an album in 2009 called “Covered in Gas”, which admittedly was nowhere close to earning them platinum status, but it is a well-established fact that every single person who purchased it (which was a number of people!!!)…..loved it!!!!!!!!  So we had to do another album eventually and three years later, we are proud to give you “Moving Through Security” which will be self-released and available on iTunes and Amazon in mid-October. 
“Moving Through Security” expands on the vibrant synth-pop goodness of the first Evil Cowards record, but now you are looking at a band that has less interest in things like…guitars…or “rock”.   You are looking at the reformed Williamsburg hipsters who have now shaved their beards and are standing at the ticket window at LaGuardia to be on the first plane to Vegas or Miami, whichever one leaves first.  You are looking at two guys who mourn the death of the guitar….but choose not to be bitter.
From the opening moments of “Fixing Machines” through the title track “Moving Through Security”, the listener will soon be asking himself “Have both these guys been to Ibiza at some point in their lives?”  (Hint: the answer rhymes with “stress”).  The album glides seamlessly from the pop goodness of “Gravy Train” and “Dormitory Girls” to the Latin-club groove of “Dirty Consuela” to the repetitive club anthem “Bedford Ave. Wine Distributors”.   Yes, you’re just reading titles of songs now…but we implore you to listen to these songs so our opinions of ourselves can be validated.
Evil Cowards are comprised of two very busy men.  
So it’s up to you to spread the word. 
Starting today, make a point to tell your friends and loved ones about Evil Cowards.  
 Spread the word.   
Get yourself a big ole helping of this side dish and shove it in.
“Moving Through Security” is available on iTunes and Amazon 
 It will be available as a physical purchase at Electric Six shows (see below) 
and at Fall On Your Sword live shows and DJ sets around the world.
Electric Six Fall Tour Dates:

Fri 10/26 New York NY
Mercury Lounge

Sat 10/27 New York NY
Mercury Lounge

Sun 10/28 Philadelphia PA
Milk Boy

Wed 10/31 Washington DC
Black Cat

Thu 11/01 Carrboro NC
Cat's Cradle

Fri 11/02 Columbia SC
New Brookland Tavern

Sat 11/03 Atlanta GA

Sun 11/04 Louisville KY

Tue 11/06 St.Louis MO
The Firebird

Wed 11/07 Champaign IL
High Dive

Thu 11/08 Chicago IL
Double Door

Fri 11/09 Lansing MI
The Loft

Sat 11/10 Detroit MI
St. Andrews Hall