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Turbo Fruits @ Magic Stick Lounge

Turbo Fruits
Friday, November 23rd at the Magic Stick Lounge
8PM, $10

Splitting their sound between jangle and ‘70s hard rock crunch, Turbo Fruits are audacious rock and roll that can’t be lumped under the often-misused term “garage”. As Paste accurately states, “the persistence of ‘garage rock’ as a modifier for the music of Turbo Fruits is troubling. These Nashville boys don’t make ‘garage rock’… they just make rock ‘n’ roll.” And that’s just what you’re gonna get, southern twang meddled with electric bursts of guitar shredding riffs fueled by whiskey binges and the adrenaline of tumbling around on your electric hog. With a lyrical oeuvre that comes to amass the relatable (picking up women in dive bars, drinking, weed, cigarettes, whiskey, uncertainty, fighting with your friends), Turbo Fruits raw, gruff, sweaty brand of rock and roll is, as Consequence of Sound stated, the soundtrack to “a smoke-cloaked house party” where your vision is swirly just like their riffs.