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You Gotta Lose Your Mind in Detroit....ROCK CITY!

Gene Simmons & Wolfgang Puck's Rocktoberfest - KISS ARMY NIGHT! 10.18.12 @ LA Live in Los Angeles, CA

I've been in hiding, but decided to move the rock I've been living under and come out for this one! You just cannot pass up the opportunity to see Gene Simmons onstage playing Kiss classics, in or out of costume. -Although, in costume would have been THE BUSINESS! #bucketlist

Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck teamed up and formed Rocktoberfest; Oktoberfest, but with some rock in the mix, so, respectfully, Rocktoberfest. This is a week-long event and each night a little something different takes place, but last night was non other than KISS ARMY NIGHT. Gene took the stage and jammed with some fellow celebrity musicians such as Eric Singer, Bob Kulick, and Bruce Kulick  and played the classics, especially DETROIT ROCK CITY. -That's for you, MCB!