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Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival: Performing Arts Showcase

Saturday, October 20th
7:30pm until 10:00pm

The performing arts facet of The Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival. Evening performances, celebrating the art and creative life of Hamtramck. This showcase highlights the work of some of the best area performers:

Tzarinas of the Plane
Original performance art features Faina Lerman and Bridget Michael

James Cornish's Short Opera Project
Cutting edge opera featuring contemporary Detroit fiction, and mezzo-soprano Deanna Relyea.

Carrie Morris' Shadow Puppets
Carrie Morris debuts a shadow puppet work titled "Keep Heading North" - a performance about Jean-Francois Hamtramck, Carrot Top, astronauts, my house in Yemen and you and me.

Gary Schwartz
Schwartz's recent finalist entry for the 2012 ARTPRIZE will be presented.