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DAMNED V: An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

On October 25 through 27, 2012 at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings St Ballroom in Detroit comes an extraordinary assemblage of 129 artists from across this world to display their most introspective creations at DAMNED V – An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness. From the infamous to the freshest of local and international talent, this prodigious congregation will allow us a glimpse within the diverse shadows of id and ego…of overall mind and encompassing soul guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, inspire or repulse. Rising from within the ashes of the historic institution of Devil’s Night, this is not Halloween-themed art but an immersion within the immeasurable realms of consciousness through an elegant ambiance of ethereal soundscapes and art-inspired butoh, cirque and aerial performances every 30 minutes.

There are 3 nights of DAMNED, each with its own distinct theme for the ambiance and performances that surround the exhibition:

10/25 “The Darkness“ – A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self. This opening night features an intimate VIP Preview/Artist Reception, a formal absinthe tasting courtesy of Kübler Blanche Absinthe and chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres.

10/26 “The Enlightenment“ – A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal. This night features a VIP sampling of internationally-inspired aphrodisiac tapas with paired libations courtesy of B Nektar and exotic aerial and fire performances.

10/27 “The Masquerade“ – A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensual rhythms and masquerade. This closing night features the formal mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball, a 13-dish strolling dinner, an intimate solo performance by Dixon’s Violin, the dreamworld aural ambiance of Sugar Hiccup and a menagerie of cirque performances all night. This night is mask mandatory and proper attire only.

DAMNED, first and foremost, is an exhibition of the intensely personal creations that are often born from within the artist’s most darkest hours. This art can be the grace that returns them towards the light, the guide to discover new paths of self or simply the embodiment of rages, denials, abandonments and realizations. DAMNED then cultures an intriguing visual ambiance of art inspired performances with the region’s most creative talent including circus hellions Miss Pussykatt and Rachel of the DareDevil Dolls, the complex dementias of SATORI CIRCUS, the exotic graces of Chantal and Amber, the aerial elegance of Detroit Flyhouse, and the exquisite cirque of Jade Ashekerra, Leslie Blackburn and many others. Aurally, the haunting gallery soundtracks are custom designed by Life Toward Twilight with the mesmerizing live strings of Dixon's Violin and Jesse Fox on percussion during performances. For the formal masquerade ball, we welcome the exotic music ambiance provided by DJ Quig with Sugar Hiccup. Other treats include a VIP Preview and Artist Reception with formal absinthe tasting by Kubler Absinthe, a harem room-inspired VIP mezzanine overlooking the gallery, on-site tapas chef, a custom surgical stainless steel Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring giveaway ($980 value) courtesy of Atelier Gothic Jewelry, our Devil Girl hostesses, a gallery store to purchase art and more to come.

DAMNED gives special thanks to Real Detroit Weekly. The absinthe tasting is sponsored by Kubler Absinthe. Devil Girl ensembles are courtesy of V-Male Vintage for Thurday and Friday and IVY's Custom Corsetry for the masquerade ball. Visit the DAMNED website at to review past photos, find further detailed information and to purchase advance thickets. Also visit Noir Leather in Royal Oak, Showtime Clothing in downtown Detroit and V-Male Vintage in Dearborn Heights to purchase advance tickets.

The Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom is located at 715 E. Milwaukee St. in Detroit.

DAMNED V - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness and Formal Masquerade Ball

October 25/26/27 2012 - Tangent Gallery - Detroit

Amber Michelle Russell (WI)
Anne Angelshaug (Norway)
Ash Sivils (TN)
Aunia Kahn (IL)
Benedetta Bonichi (Italy)
Christian Correra (RI)
Danielle Tunstall (United Kingdom)
Gary Lee (S Africa)
Ian Ward (United Kingdom)
Jeffery Scott (SC)
Krista Acheson (Canada)
Lissy Elle Laricchia (NY)
Nigel Sade (CA)
Nihil (France)
Rik Garrett (IL)
Patricia Anders (CA)
Santiago Caruso (Argentina)
Steven Johnson Leyba (NM)

A. Owen Layne (MI)
Aaron White (MA)
Aesthetic Cataclysm (CA
Aleks 7 (MI)
Allison Freiss (MI)
Allison Gardiner (MI)
Amanda (MI)
Angela Galea (MI)
Anna Gregor (CA)
Anthony Carpenter (MI)
Ariel Sammone (MI)
Ash Marnich (MN)
B.P. LeGault (MI)
Bahrull Marta (Indonesia)
Barbara Campagna (MI)
Brian Sikora (MI)
Brian Lewandowski (MI)
Butch Vs Joel (China)
C. Luna (MI)
Candy S Draper (MI)
Carl Wilson (MI)
Charles Alexander (MI)
Chris Kape (Greece)
Colm McCarthy (WI)
CowboyDave (MI)
D.C. Wilson (MI)
Daniele Marton (Italy)
Danielle Juracka (IL)
Danielle N. Oed (MD)
David Richardson (CO)
David Scott Cole (MI)
Dawn Cooke (MI)
Dawn Silk (MI)
Debbee Sheppard (MI)
Dekilah (MI)
Diane Irby (MI)
Elvina Vladi Kvisle (Norway)
Eve Noir (MI)
fragilemuse (Canada)
Gary Mitchell (OH)
Gregory James Wyrick (MI)
Hellmet (Slovakia)
Intrinsic (MI)
Jack O. Summers (MI)
Jason Passeno (MI)
Jay Rowland Jr (MI)
Jeff Faerber (NY)
Jeffrey M Fletcher (NC)
Jel Ena (CA)
Jen Sen (MI)
Jennifer Patchett (MI)
Jerry Shirts (MI)
John De Jesus (NM)
Joseph Ferraro (MI)
Josh Buckenberger (MI)
Justin Abraham (NC)
K.A. Letts (MI)
Kari Christensen (NY)
Karl Denton (MI)
Kelleigh Swaim (MI)
Kelly Vetter (NJ)
Kelly Wojdyla-Gray (MI)
Kia I Arriaga (Mexico)
Kirill Slavin (MI)
Kristen Scheid (MI)
Licentious (MI)
Lindsey Harnish (MI)
Lore-Li Photography (OH)
Lydia Burris (IN)
Lynn Graznak Saults (MO)
Luke MacGilvray (MI)
Marcus Concernicus (MI)
Marianda Xeen (OH)
Markness (MI)
Melissa Schramm (MO)
Michele Parliament (WI)
Michelle Graznak (MI)
MonkeyTeeth (MI)
Mrs. Empty (MI)
Myrkky (United Kingdom)
OctopiArts (MI)
Olga Noes (TN)
Paula Marie Deubel (MI)
Prodiga DiNero (PA)
Rachel Insanity (MI)
Rayn (MI)
Ren Fracture (MI)
Richard Meyer (NY)
Rick Cronn (MI)
Roughn (MI)
Ryan LaVoisin (CA)
Sam Hodges (MI)
Sarah Pifher (WI)
Shadia (MI)
Shannon Burnett (MI)
Shkna9 (MI)
Silke Seybold (OH)
Stella Rothe (MI)
Susan Van Sant (MI)
Susana di Portanova (MI)
Sya (OH)
Ted Wm. Lottman (MI)
Troy Corpse (Canada)
Tysha (MI)
Vito Jesus Valdez (MI)
William Zdan (CA)
Zachariah Messiah (MI)

Each night of DAMNED begins with a varying feast of finely prepared fare created specifically for our patrons. The 2012 menus are as follows:

A 2-hour (7-9p) intimate preview of the exhibition with artist reception, absinthe tasting courtesy of Kübler Blanche Absinthe and chef-prepared hors d’oeuvres.The menu:
• Albondigas, Trout Dumplings, Cheese Kabobs and Scallops w/Tomato Concasse

An intimate 2-hour (7-9p) sampling of internationally-inspired aphrodisiac tapas with paired libations courtesy of B Nektar and exotic aerial and fire performances. The menu:
• Raw oysters w/red & white cocktail sauces and mignonette sauce
• Watermelon salad w/Arugula, shaved fennel, toasted almonds, Spanish cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mint vinaigrette
• Roasted lamb loin w/rub #17, Grilled fig, port reduction, truffle shavings
• Lobster & scallop romesco w/pearl onions & pablano peppers
• Espresso crusted, hard seared tenderloin carpaccio, chilled asparagus, w/pomegranate bourbon sauce
• Vanilla praline anise ice cream,prickly pear sauce, macerated berries, star & moons (star fruit & oranges) coated in salted caramel & habanero chocolate

An intimate 2-hour (7-9p) pre-ball event beginning with an elegant 13-dish strolling dinner and concluding with a very special solo performance by Dixon’s Violin. The menu:

• Tenderloin kabobs skewered with onion drizzled with zip sauce
• Salmon Satay drizzled with hosin
• Greek Kabobs pork tenderloin with oregano and garlic skewed with peppers and onions
• Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with baroque sauce
• Sesame Chicken strips rolled in Panko and toasted sesame seeds
• Cheese Ravioli served with Marinara dipping Sauce

• Veggie Quesadillas Peppers, mushrooms and onions with Cheddar Cheese
• South west Peppers filled with rice, corn, black beans, tomatoes and jalapenos
• Brie and apricot Puffs, Puff pastry filled with brie and apricot
• Spinach Stuffed Mushroom, herbs and onions
• Tomato Basil Pinwheels, Puff Pastry sundried tomatoes and basil

• Antipasto Skewers tortellini, olives, cheese, salami, pepercini
• Gazpacho shooter Cucumbers filled with Garlic scented gazpacho

NOTE: Menu items may contain eggs, shellfish, nuts, dairy products or wheat and subject to change slightly.

THE DAMNED CHEFS: Steven Kempner, Aaron Egan and Jason Smith

DAMNED also uses compostable and biodegradable serving products from Green Safe.