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Stars In Stereo @ Royal Oak Music Theater

Stars in Stereo opened up for Blue October Friday night at Royal Oak Music Theater. The show got under way around 8:30. The singer Bec Hollcraft had a beautiful voice, it actually reminded me of Hayley Williams of Paramore. Two songs into the set  they played "Fuck You Like an Animal" originally performed by Nine Inch Nails. When she was singing it every guy was thinking about have their time with her. With the Sexy dance moves, grinding on the speaker and laying on the floor doing the splits Bec made your jaws drop. For only playing for twenty minutes Stars In Stereo left a great impression on the crowd. 

After Stars In Stereo was the band Empire. the band was okay, they put their heart and soul into their live performance but they weren’t very good. You couldn't understand anything the singer said, he mumbled the whole time. One part I loved is how into the song the singer got into, he got crazy on stage! It was also very weird that they also had a twenty minute set... a short set even for an opener.