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Show Preview: Birthday Massacre & Guests, Pike Room, Friday, Nov. 2nd

The Birthday Massacre are coming back to town on Nov. 2nd to the Pike Room. Fresh on the heels of their latest release "Hide and Seek," tBM have proven to be one of the more consistent dark wave bands combining synth-rock with a bit of metal in a dreamlike darkness. It's hard to believe they're been around for over 10 years yet still maintain a childlike enthusiasm to performing.
I've seen tBM play more than a couple times and I'm always impressed with their live performance that has lead singer, Chibi, prancing around the stage like a maniacal school girl or maybe something closer akin to DC's Harley Quinn. In fact, the entire band is quite a display of animated musicians that bring a crowd of fans in neo-goth attire and probably more than a few donning rabbit ears. One of the pleasures of a tBM show is to witness their connection to the audience as Chibi offers smiles and handshakes to the entire crowd.
Warming up the show is William Control who played an entertaining set earlier this year on the Blood on the Dance Floor tour and Aesthetic Perfection.

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