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Review of Damned V/ Info about Sweet Dreams Burlesque Event November 17th

"Snazzy is as Snazzy Does!"
Gwen Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. 
Life experience is her subject matter which is translated in a lyrical/mythical fashion.
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Damned V was a excellent and decadent fall event. Attendees were treated to absinthe samples and chef-prepared hors doeuvres on the opening night of Damned. Satori Circus, Detroit Flyhouse, and conceptual performance art involving flesh colored latex were entertainment highlights. A grand range of artwork on the more introspective and darker side of life was displayed. Here is a quote that sums up this event concisely from the Damned facebook page "DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours. This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations...or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy...or simply a sign that there is something inexplicably damaged inside without comparison."
If you did not attend this year make sure to experience Damned VI next year.

Now here is some info about a burlesque performance event with culinary treats via a featured performer named Irresistible...

An Evening of Cupcakes and Burlesque. On November 17th, 1012. At 207 East Baltimore , Detroit MI,48202. Doors open at 9pm. Show starts at 10pm. I HAVE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ($10). Get yours now! It'll be an enticing and delicious showcase! ;)

Basically I am a headlining performer for the International Black Burlesque Performers Company.  Although I am an independent contractor and work for La Petit Company.  I have been hired to perform the Sweet Dreams showcase through the International Black Burlesque Performers.  The company, and myself, is striving to let the world know that there are indeed Black/African-American Burlesque Performers.  We are acting to widen the scope of the art form. Although Neo Burlesque is thought to embrace all body types.  It is still not as embracing of all SKIN types, or races.  African-Americans are the most discriminated against in this sector. 

So  the International Black Burlesque Perfomers, are pushing to not only get the word out that we exist.  But to have a glamorous and good time doing it.  Celebrating the female form and all its glory.  My platform or flavor for the event is Coca Cola.  And I will be shimmying to a classic Etta James song.  And pushing the teasing boundaries of Burlesque. 

Each performer is a flavor.  And as each performer takes the stage free cupcakes, baked by Jamila, will be handed out to the audience.  To not only spotlight each dancer.  But also to highlight and promote Jamila, who is branching out into the pastry world.  The doors open at 9pm with a Venetian hour. Where audience members will receive complimentary pastries and coffee.  And they will get a chance to mingle with the performers before the show.  The show begins as 10pm.

As far as I am concerned tips are not only welcome, but ENCOURAGED.  If the audience is having a good time.  And wants to tip the performer they like.

I hope that this is the info that you wanted.  If you have any other questions or concerns.  Please feel free to contact me via telephone at 313-626-4170 or via Facebook.  Or via email.

PS My stage name is Irresistible or THE Irresistible O.  And my info is a follows:, 313-626-4170, Facebook: , Twitter: