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FREE VINYL: Empty Orchestra

Empty Orchestra was formed and refined in the epicenter of blue collar heartbreak, Flint, MI. But the Americana-meets-punk storytelling of their debut album Once More, All Together Now, could be found in just about any rustbelt town in America. The inaugural single " The Audience" tunes into the seedy drama of by-gone era vaudeville, conjuring ghosts of the past in a haunted theater. The Springsteen-style hard times in a small town vibe can be trite, but Empty Orchestra make it believable. Singer and band leader Stephen Wisniewski sings with a sense of world-weary conviction that is hard to fabricate.

The songs one Once More… are both familiar and fresh with an intimate but polished production.

Fans of Springsteen, Wilco and Great Lakes Myth Society should definitely give this one a spin.

email for your shot to win a free piece of wax from the band and look for some tour dates in Detroit very soon